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Heat treatment system

Due to our original know-how, we have realized the stable temperature control which is essential for Heat treatment. The Heat treatment system for the wide-gap semiconductor (GaN etc.) which is being the focus of recent attention has been in a great demand.

Ohmic Alloy System

OS-5500 Series (High-temperature type)

Suitable for Ohmic electrode alloy and anneal for wide-gap semiconductor (GaN, SiC, et.)

OS-4500 Series (Mid-temperature type)
Suitable for various alloy and anneal

OS-3500 Series (Low-temperature type)

Suitable for Ohmic electrode alloy and anneal for the compound semiconductor for general purpose (GaAs system and InP system)

Batch-processing wafer annealing system

The multipurpose batch-processing wafer annealing system specialized in the compound semiconductor.
The substrate is compatible of the temperature up to 700 degree and mountable up to 5 3-inch substrates.
In addition, it is equipped with the transfer mechanism of treatment room so that the processes from heating to cooling can be done with the room being closed.
The vacuum replacement mechanism is also provided for the use of diffusion of solid phase.

Vertical-type diffusion system

Since the closed pipe method is used for the zinc diffusion process that used to be done in the closed pipe, the safety and maneuverability has considerably improved while keeping the performance equivalent to that of the closed pipe method.
It is compatible to 2 inch or 3 inch wafer
Also, the double trap structure can connect the inboard disposal to the general disposal.

Ohmic Alloy System
Batch-processing wafer annealing system
Vertical-type diffusion system
WET System
Contamination extraction system
Single wafer dual-side cleaning system
Single wafer lift-off system
RCA wet- and UV cleaning / complex system

CVD System
Laser abrasive CVD system
Diamond deposition system
ALD system
Electron beam vacuum deposition system

Etching System
Fully-automated etching system
Multipurpose etching & ashing system
Dry etching system for compound semiconductors
Multi-electrode dry etching system

UV optical application system
Electrodeless high-power UV opto-irradiation system
Desktop-type deep UV surface cleaning system
UV ashing system
Hard disk surface cleaning system

MEMS related system
KOH anisotropic etching system
Anodic bonding system for micro-machine

Inspection & measurement system
Atmospheric ion counter
Counter for particle in the liquid

Bio analyzing system
Microchip electrophoresis system

HandyMS(Small-size flight-time-type mass spectrometry system)

Special system & consignment development system
Small-size high-voltage generating system
Multifunctional etching system
Back-side etching system
Atmospheric-pressure plasma system for MEMS

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