Chemitronics meets diversified semiconductor manufacturing process needs with flexibility and
strength of development providing new technologies and products.


About us
To develop a new product, our staff who have the studying experience in a domestic each organization is developing the equipment with a new technology concerning up-to-date electronic industry and the precision chemical industry.

Heat treatment system

Wet treatment system

CVD system

Heat treatment system
Ohmic Alloy System
Batch-processing wafer annealing system
Vertical-type diffusion system
Wet treatment system
Contamination extraction system
Single wafer dual-side cleaning system
Single wafer lift-off system
RCA wet- and UV cleaning / complex system
CVD system
Laser abrasive CVD system
Diamond deposition system
ALD system
Electron beam vacuum deposition system

Etching system

UV optical application system

MEMS system

Etching system
Fully-automated etching system
Multifunctional etching system
Dry etching system for compound semiconductors
Multi-electrode dry etching system
UV optical application system
Electrodeless high-power UV opto-irradiation system
Desktop-type deep UV surface cleaning system
UV ashing system
Hard disk surface cleaning system
MEMS system
KOH anisotropic etching system
Anodic bonding system for micro-machine
Electroplating treatment system

Inspection & measurement system

Bio analyzing system

Special system & consignment development system

Inspection & measurement system
Atmospheric ion counter
Counter for particle in the liquid



Bio analyzing system
Microchip electrophoresis system
Chibi-MS (Small-size flight-time-type mass spectrometry system)
Special system & consignment development system
Small-size high-voltage generating system
Multipurpose etching & ashing system
Back-side etching system
Atmospheric-pressure plasma system for MEMS


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